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CreepTea-Vita (First Port to PS Vita)

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I wanted to port something to Vita but didn't have any idea about what to port and how to port so I asked dots about it. He sent a meme demo and told me to try compiling it for the vita. I took notes from teakhanirons' CoolBoardPlaysSounds CMakeLists.txt and delicately yoinked his sce_sys folder. Then I proceeded to try compiling it, grep function names to find the stubs when the compiler threw a linking error, and slowly and surely managed to fill every DolceSDK stubs known to man into the cmake file. When I showed this cmake file to dots, his reaction was priceless: "What the fuck is this shit" - dots-tb
With the help of Graphene and dots, I removed all the unnecessary stubs and successfully managed to compile. It naturally gave a crash so I put printf in every single line to trace where it crashed, advised by dots almighty. Surprisingly to make it run, only few changes in some functions was all that was needed to make it not crash. All the scenes except the 2nd one and the 7th one was rendering correctly. Now this is where the real fun began.

Figure 1: The cursed scene that turned this from a 3-hour port to 3-day port.

These two scenes used a function called Radial() to create a god ray effect, except all I was seeing was TV static. I spent a whole day trying to figure out what it was trying to do. While studying this function, my big black onii-san wondered what I was trying to port so I sent him the function.

Figure 2.1: Jayjay losing his mind.

Figure 2.2: Jayjay losing his mind cont.

So Jaylon and Graphene just told me to quit porting this and do something else instead but nay, I was too autistic to abandon this. I proceeded to hold CreepNT (not related to Creep Tea) hostage and teach me bit shifting, byte swapping, and overall figuring out what the hell everything was. At the end of the day, I managed to get a picture on the screen that at least made sense somehow. After running around in circles I managed to fix this function once and for all (I still don't know what fixed it).

In conclusion, this was a great experience and starting point for me. It taught me a lot in the process, and most important of all, I REALLY HAD FUN PORTING THIS.

Compilation Instructions

Install DolceSDK. mkdir build cd build cmake .. make -j8


Original Authors

The original code can be found here.